The Illumilamp is the perfect marketing innovation for commercial business applications. It's glowing message catches customer attention and SELLS!

Dining establishments and pubs are the most natural spots to place an Illumilamp. The lower light atmosphere really allows Illumilamp to "shine" with your marketing message! Display a tempting photograph of your nightly special or best selling drink. Put the "light" on your evening's entertainment or advertise your banquet capabilities. Your possibilities are endless. The easily changeable image can keep up with today's wildly changing market.

Photographers can add the Illumilamp to their lineup of customer choices. Make it an addition to wedding or graduation packages. The Illumilamp sells itself. Have several on display in your studio and just enjoy the compliments that your brilliant images receive from your customers.

Illumilamp can add to both new and existing customers. We provide brochures that can be customized for you to announce and promote the Illumilamp.

Whether countertop, window or product display, the Illumilamp silently, beautifully sells.

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