How do I insert my photograph into the Illumilamp?
  1. Lift off the Illumilamp lid and place it aside.
  2. Pick up your print.
  3. Bend both sides back to make a tube shape.
  4. Slide it into the Illumilamp.
  5. Press the edges in place.
  6. Replace the lid and turn on the Illumilamp.

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How do I clean my Illumilamp?
Use any clean, soft dusting cloth to remove dust. Do not use any glass cleaners containing ammonia as this will permanently "fog" the acrylic. There are glass cleaners available that do not contain ammonia, and these are safe to use as needed. You may also use acrylic polish to remove any slight scratches. Canned air, commonly used for cleaning electronic equipment, may be used to blow off dust particles. Please follow the directions on the labels of any cleaning products.
Note: Do not immerse the lamp in water or solution

Can I put any photograph into the Illumilamp?
Photographic paper differs. We use a special semi-transparent polyester photographic material that allows light to pass through the picture. This special material diffuses light and allows it to pass through the image with a brilliant glow so you can truly light up your life!

Do you provide other stock photos for the Illumilamp?
Yes, look at the our samples page to see our current offerings. We plan to increase our inventory, so check back often.

How do I change the lightbulb?
Slide the dimmer switch to the off position. Give the bulb a few minutes to cool. Lift off the lid. Unscrew the bulb and replace it with any 120v 25 watt light bulb.

Your UL approved Illumilamp comes with a standard socket base and you can purchase any 120v 25 watt lightbulb for use in the lamp. Your Illumilamp was shipped with a globe-style bulb, sometimes called a vanity light bulb, to enhance the image area.

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